Friday, November 14, 2008

My Zoo...

Yesterday I took the boys to McDonald's to eat lunch (mostly french fries) and play at the play place here in Troy. Which by the way is the best play place around. If you have little ones you should come check it out. Anyways, so after about 30 minutes of playing, Evan winded his way to the top and decided he had no idea how to get back down, although he'd just done it about 10 times before that. As he stood at the top hanging onto the netting like a caged chimpanzee and screaming, I decided it was inevitable....I was going to have to force my big butt up there and drag him down. As I headed over to the entrance (which mind you is a very small round opening, smaller than a hool a hoop), I told Ethan to stay there at the table and I'd be back. Not but 1 second later, Ethan ran up to me with his entire meal in his hands. For some reason, he felt the need to show me he was out of barbeque sauce (he's just like his daddy). I told him to go sit down right away and be careful as he was going to drop all of his food. As he headed back to the guessed it, he dropped his entire bag of french fries on the ground. Meanwhile, Evan was still swinging from the nets at the top of playland screaming for dear life, so I told Ethan he was done playing as he didn't listen and needed to sit down at the table and wait for me. Well then, I had two screaming monkeys and plenty of gawking onlookers to make it my own personal zoo. I then forced myself up to my 1st screaming monkey and dragged him down by his legs as he refused to come down on his own. As we got to the bottom and I carefully maneuvered both of us out, Ethan was still screaming in the background. I set Evan down on the ground and told him to go back to the table so we could get our stuff together and go...yes I had this conversation with a 1 yr old, you do these things when you're a stay at home mom and you don't get much adult interaction! :) As I got back to the table I sat down, told Ethan to zip up the tears and I turned around to find an elderly man bringing a large box of french fries to Ethan. The old man looked at me and said, sorry I have soft spot for kids and he was upset. I wasn't sure how to respond. Somehow this man assumed that Ethan was in trouble becuase he dropped his fries, which in fact it was becuase he did not listen to me when I told him to sit down until I came back. It was very nice of the man to tend to Ethan's needs, although I think it showed Ethan that you get rewarded if you disobey and then scream like a caged monkey. Oh well.....thank God for nice old men.....but for the record....mommy ate the fries!

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