Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Fun

The day started off at 5am with Evan awake and covered in poo, later the fun continuted, which involved Ethan, some pee pee, and a pacifier. I'll let you put the details together, but let's just say that pacifier is now in the trash.

We had a nice dinner tonight catching up with friends and then came over to my mom's to pull up her carpet in her dining/living room as Steve is going to install new wood floors for her tomorrow. It will be so nice when it's all done as she's waited patiently for the boys to grow up a bit and get most of thier "baby stains" out onto the old carpet before she got nice new floors. Let's just pray that Evan's enjoyment of throwing everything across the room does not result in chipped floors! I'll post some photos of the new floor later.

Ethan also told his daddy, "no thank you". He's coming along great with his speech. Great job Ethan!

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